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Whatcha think gang? 👍 or 👎 #osc #outdoorshoppingchannel.com #shoptheoutdoors ... See MoreSee Less

Whatcha think gang? 👍 or 👎 #osc #outdoorshoppingchannel.com #shoptheoutdoors

Griddle Crappie with taters and green beans! WOWZA! #griddle #crappie #osc #outdoorshoppingchannel ... See MoreSee Less

Griddle Crappie with taters and green beans! WOWZA! #griddle #crappie #osc #outdoorshoppingchannel

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How we got started

Jeff and Patricia Williams founded the Outdoor Shopping Channel in October of 2016. At the same time they we’re also running a rapidly growing sporting goods business. That business, Outdoor BrandZ founded in 2007 developed, manufactured and sold their own brands of hunting and fishing products through wholesale distribution, dealer networks, Amazon and internet retail. After 10 years of rapid retail and internet growth the duo teamed up with a much larger sporting goods company called Wohali Outdoors. In the spring of 2018 Jeff and Patricia moved all their inventory and equipment to Wohali’s massive distribution center. This merger ensured the brands would continue to grow and prosper. That transition took the better part of 2018, but in August Jeff had time to start working on the Outdoor Shopping Channel project again and the rest is history!

Things are moving rapidly again for Jeff and Patricia. With their years of sporting goods manufacturing experience, social media experience and shipping experience OSC. will be a direct to customer sales powerhouse. Years of industry knowledge combined with hundreds of manufacturing relationships will position Outdoor Shopping Channel to never run out of quality sporting goods to showcase. Many of these companies have already seen the direct to customer sales potential in Outdoor Shopping Channel and are starting offer great deals on numerous items.

Today OSC has finished an new e-commerce website. Their focusing on building a massive but very loyal audience. And they are starting to perform sales promotions across the largest social media platforms. So get ready, here we go!

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